Shelley Piser has been teaching yoga since 1972. Her teaching and studies have taken her to Australia, Europe, and India.

Living, studying and teaching at a Zen Buddhist monastery for a year in Upstate New York, she practiced intensive meditation while teaching yoga to visitors and students.

She has completed 3 teacher's courses, and holds advanced certificates in Shiatsu massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure. Shelley's teaching style is inspired by 30 years of extensive study of Hatha yoga in the Iyengar tradition, Zen Buddhism and meditation as well as her deep understanding in the art of Japanese healing. Shelley weaves these together creatively in her teaching of Hatha Yoga - emphasizing breathing awareness, proper alignment and the poetry of Posture. Her classes are inspiring, creative, therapeutic, and fun. Shelley is a teacher's teacher though equally available to beginners as well as more experience students. Her hands-on approach gives students the individual attention that will allow them to explore the possibilities of their potential within a non-competitive environment.

Shelley offers private sessions by appointment. Her private lessons are personally designed for the unique needs of the student she is teaching. "Yoga postures are not exclusive in my teaching, there are the elements of mind, old attitudes, and breathing all effecting the gradual opening of one's body mind and heart."

Shelley is available for conferences or talks on stress control through yoga for corporations and small businesses.

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