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Thursday, November 17th, 2016


Make space within yourself to breathe deeper as you inhale and exhale.  Clear out accumulated burdens causing sadness.  Open your heart, open your chest and EXHALE to allow for the fullness and ease of your INHALATION!

Backbends make us happy.  When sadness and deep grief find a home in the body our posture reflects this expression by slumping the chest and rounding the shoulders.  This posture makes breathing shallow which creates a physical catch 22.  We don’t breathe deep, our body stays tight, our body stays tight so we can’t breathe fully. 

The pressure of life causes our body to bow down from the weight of accumulated burdens.  Our shoulders fold in while our chest closes in reflecting a symbolic response to “Leave me alone!”

On a superficial observation, We age ourselves from poor posture.  Hunched back, closed chest, reflects an aging body, aging mind.  With backbends,  we continue to clear out accumulations  renewing our spirit and keep our body open and flexible. 

Bending over backwards for yourself will trickle down a happy attitude radiating happiness to others.