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SLOW AND STEADY: a successful yoga practice

Monday, March 9th, 2009
I’ve been studying with Shelley for 6 years and am amazed at the profound changes in my body.  Layers of deeply held tensions and postural patterns have been slowly peeled away.  I have one of those short, tight and strong body types which I have jokingly referred to as good for digging potatoes from the earth…but not exactly “ballerina” material!    Shelley has encouraged me to push through my difficult limitations.  I am always confident in her expert knowledge of yoga and anatomy to avoid injury.  In fact, her guidance in class cured me of sciatica a few years ago.  While I’m still unequally flexible in some areas and  very tight in others,  my accomplishments in Shelley’s class have given me a soaring feeling of freedom and power.  I just did the full lotus position last week.  What a thrill!
Jeanette Shelburne

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