Start your morning with a balance pose to inspire the seed of concentration, stability and patience for the rest of your day.
Building a strong foundation on which to stand on is the message for your morning intention.

Too often we overlook the essence and unique “personality” of an asana.

Frustrated or fearful from a lack of balance or strength to be able to hold a pose like Tree often times can put a beginner off from practicing.  I like to discover the essence that an asana brings to my yoga practice.

In Tree Pose we experience a moment of timeless calm through the harmony of stillness in finding balance.  Balance grows up from the Sole of rooting to the strong support of BOTH legs doing the job of holding us up and connecting strongly from the feet to the crown of the head.  Balance is deepened once we submit to our breath as the mind stabilizer.

As one may find that ankles will wobble a bit, at the same time, strength with intention is bringing a confidence that erases all fear and one can then truly experience the solid balance of mind, body, and breath essence.

Now, you have set your day with the intention of Balance, Strength and Stability of Mind

Have a good daysearch


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