A Twist a day will help to keep colds away.  Imagine the gentle massage penetrating your body from the internal organs,  to deep muscles,  superficial muscles, to your skin. Expanding your  breath equally throughout your torso inspires perceiving the dualities of life’s choices in a calm harmonious approach.  This is the beauty of including a twist into your family of yoga poses.

Twists are our respiratory guardians.  Keeping the lungs clear maintains a happy breathe-easy attitude dissolving accumulated sadness and replacing it with a breath of fresh air.

How you choose to approach your life can be greatly supported by a twist which holds the intention to have a new attitude with THIS breath, THIS day and to let your body breathe in the fresh breath of a new day.

Remember, there are many choices in the family of Twisting poses.  Find a simple one where you can breathe deep and breathe up.

It’s coming close to winter, with a twist a day…not to worry!

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