When I wake up in the morning and my body is feeling really tight, my approach is gradual. I begin with a sitting child’s pose. This primitive pose is the simple squat.
This very simple asana gives a gentle stretch to the lower back. With the gentle pressure of the thighs hugging close into the belly, the internal organs are massaged which begins the stimulation of the colon helping with the process of morning elimination. I particularly love what this posture does to my lower leg. The stretching of the calve muscle, and the Achilles tendon helps balance while eliminating cramping and tight legs. This release of the Achilles increases freedom in doing simple movements such as walking, sitting down and standing up.  In the beginning stages of practicing, you will find that you will only be able to maintain the position for a short time due to the intense stretch of the feet and calves.  With practice, you will be able to extend the length of time holding this pose.

Your body is usually much tighter in the morning so flexibility is a challenge, but balance and concentration are much sharper. So the morning is a great time to practice balance poses. A simple one is Tree Pose, or Vrikasana. The beauty and simplicity of this pose begins to set your day into balance. I view postures as a multi layered experience. Tree Pose teaches concentration and patience of mind while
developing a strong stable foundation and sculpting grace of body and posture.

The raised foot is pressing strongly into the opposite thigh directly along the energy lines (meridians) of the spleen, liver and Kidney.  at the same time the lifted leg creates a stretch involving these same meridians as the inner thigh is opening. This posture will open and balance the flow of energy through the meridians running up the inner leg. The spleen, liver and kidney flows are sensitive pathways since they are considered the feminine and mysterious qualities of “yin” energy.

These are two simple poses that are great starting points to begin your day.  If you have limited time for yoga these two poses will give energy, focus, release morning tightness while inviting a feeling of happy confidence to take on your day!  Have a nice day….

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