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Tuesday, November 8th, 2016



One standing pose can change your day. Beauty and balance are inspired through strength, flexibility, and stability bringing grace and confidence to each step of the rest of your day.

Warrior poses are called that because a warrior is disciplined, fearless, strong and flexible.  To stand firmly and breathe softly is the essence of the dance that moves within the practice of Virabhadrasana 2.  Openness within the framework of this strong asana keeps us steady amidst the chaos of the ups and downs of life around us.

Not only does this pose create a powerful and sturdy foundation but with disciplined practice, flexibility becomes a prime component in moving into the shape of the right angle.  A perfect package of flexibility inside strength and strength as support being the capsule surrounding flexibility.  The perfect yin/yang balance inspiring the attitude of quiet confidence in the moment to be prepared for sudden change in the next.  This is the essence of Virabhadrasana  2 that I hope will add to your daily Asana fun with a slightly different point of view.