I love yoga because it makes me feel good. My body is stronger, more flexible, and I know that as I grow older yoga will be a tool for me to stay mobile, active, and more pain free.

I do yoga because it helps me when I feel sad, disconnected, anxious, or depressed. When I go into an asana something magical happens. My mind shifts from a thinking, critical, judgmental and reacting monster to the quiet, calm state of focused breathing and being in the moment. The first time I took a class I had a sense that I was home with myself: I felt right in my own skin.

I do yoga because when my body hurts I can find relief and a way to undo whatever it is that is causing me pain. I can see the source of discomfort whether it is physical or emotional.

I do yoga because it heightens my awareness to the needs of my body and of my spirit.

I am grateful for the gift of yoga because it has given me an avenue to share with others what has helped me in all of these ways.